“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal


First of all - I wish you a great year ahead, in fact a great new decade ahead. Below are some thoughts & experiences that I’ve collated at work, by reading books, listening and observing people in 2019 and intend to implement over the next 10 years of my life.


1 Health, 2 Wealth, 3 Wise – Be Like Water

Becoming Indistractable, Startup framework, Blockchain Economy, CBDC, Inflation

1 Health, 2 Wealth, 3 Wise – Consider the End and Live to Fullest

Life goes on, Kanye West, USD Paralysis, AI, Your Legacy, Wirecard

1 Healthy, 2 Wealthy, 3 Wise – 60 Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong

Consumer Wellness Market, Wisdom of Crowd, 14 Filters to Invest, Killing Time, Tik Tok

1 Healthy, 2 Wealthy, 3 Wise – Fathers & Strength

Big tech health ecosystem, building digital bank, stock market rally, fathers give you strength

1 Healthy, 2 Wealthy, 3 Wise – The Pervasiveness to Loss

Love, Kindness, Kangaroo Stonk Market, Socrates, Tim Urban, Lebanon

1 Health, 2 Wealth, 3 Wise – “The Ladder of Life”

Lying, Starting a VC fund, CIA Sabotage Field Manual, Digital Dollar, Chamath Palihapitiya, Mohammad Ali and #BLM

1 Healthy, 2 Wealthy, 3 Wise – 1st June

Life in my 5 Chapters, 4 success mantras, Naval Ravikant, Hertz

1 Healthy, 2 Wealthy & 3 Wise – 24th May

Risk & Randomness, Druckenmiller, Joe Rogan Different Take, Investment Writtings, Calorie Counting


S2E1: Hashtalk Crypto Morning Briefing Nov 17th, 2020


Hi, I’m Sankalp Shangari. I’m exploring latest trends & my learnings and experiences in Startup & VC world and how upcoming technologies are reshaping the world as we know it, especially Blockchain & AI.

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