“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal



WTF is The Blockchain?The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand Blockchain.

How the Bitcoin protocol actually worksMany thousands of articles have been written purporting to explain Bitcoin, the online, peer-to-peer currency. Read More.

How does Ethereum work, anyway?An introduction to ethereum and its workings

An Intro to Crypto: Building BlocksFrom the quest for digital money and history of bitcoin, to the emergence of ethereum and smart contracts. Read More.

Getting Up to Speed on EthereumGo from zero to 💯 without all the nonsense.

Tech’s Must-Have Reference Guide to Blockchain and CryptocurrencyLearn how new blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, are disrupting entire industries and paving the…

Decrypting Crypto, From Bitcoin and Blockchain to ICOsOn the surface, the story of cryptocurrencies has been a story about new financial opportunities – whether it’s people…

Crypto Tokens: A Breakthrough in Open Network DesignIt is a wonderful accident of history that the internet and web were created as open platforms that anyone — users…

HashTalk on Google Podcasts

HashTalk with Sankalp is hosted by veteran investment banker and serial blockchain entrepreneur Sankalp Shangari. HashTalk is a dedicated podcast for Blockchain and related technologies.

Key Concepts

Beyond the Bitcoin BubbleTo see how enormous but also invisible the benefits of such protocols have been, imagine that one of those key…

Crypto Tokens and the Coming Age of Protocol InnovationHTTP as the underlying protocol of the web allows for decentralized publishing. Anyone can operate a web server and…

Blockchain: What is it good for?Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are surrounded by world-historic levels of hype and snake oil. For people like me who…

Cryptonetworks and why tokens are fundamental“Cryptonetworks” can help us build a more competitive, innovative, secure and decentralized Internet. “Tokens” (also…

Bitcoin Network EffectsOne force people underestimate are network effects. Network effects allowed Twitter survive its fail-whale period when…

Why It’s Hard to “Get” Bitcoin: The Blockchain Spectrum

Why Decentralization Matters

The Meaning of Decentralization – “Decentralization” is one of the words that is used in the cryptoeconomics space the most frequently, and is often even…

Hard Forks, Soft Forks, Defaults and Coercion – One of the important arguments in the blockchain space is that of whether hard forks or soft forks are the preferred…

Privacy on the Blockchain – Blockchains are a powerful technology, as regular readers of the blog already likely agree. They allow for a large…

Blockchains don’t scale. Not today, at least. But there’s hope.The first Bitcoin paper was first released in 2008. My excitement about the potential of blockchain technology has been…

Ethereum Sharding: Overview and Finality – A preliminary brief of Ethereum sharding design concept and how explicit finality benefits sharding mechanism.

Accounts, Transactions, Gas, and Block Gas Limits in Ethereum – Chinese translation (中文翻译) courtesy of EthFans French Translation (traduction française) courtesy of Ethereum France…

A Proof of Stake Design Philosophy – Systems like Ethereum (and Bitcoin, and NXT, and Bitshares, etc) are a fundamentally new class of cryptoeconomic…

Consensus Compare: Casper vs. Tendermint – This technical deep dive is written by Chjango Unchained. Enjoy.

Crypto Governance & Regulations

An overview of governance in blockchains — by Odysseas Sclavounis and Nic Carter

Governance deep dive — by Alexandra Tran and Steven Elleman

The myth of the irrational token holder— why blockchain governance doesn’t fit squarely into any existing model by Kathleen Breitman

Blockchain governance— design components, approaches, suggestions
by Fred Ehrsam

Thoughts on governance and network effects — by Luke Duncan

Notes on blockchain governance — by Vitalik Buterin

The DCS TriangleDecentralized, Consistent, Scalable. Pick any two.

Funding the Evolution of BlockchainsBlockchains are digital organisms. As organisms evolve through changes in their DNA, blockchain protocols evolve…

Crypto Regulations by CountryThis report surveys the legal and policy landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies around the world. This report covers 130 countries as well as some regional organizations that have issued laws or policies on the subject.

Blockchain is here. What’s your next move?Distributed ledger technology and digital tokens are rewiring commerce, but lack of trust may stall progress. Discover four strategies to navigate this new world.

Building Blockchains for a Better Planet (World Economic Forum) – In collaboration with PwC and Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

State of decentralized exchanges, 2018 — by Nathan Sexer

Networked liquidity— by Radar Relay

List of decentralized exchanges — of cryptocurrencies and tokens

Token Economy — most interesting news & events in cryptocurrencies, blockchains, dapps & the growing token economy


Altcoin Today | Your Daily Crypto News – Altcoin Today is a cryptocurrency focused portal that brings you latest blockchain tech, bitcoin and altcoin news with price analysis on cryptocurrencies.

 ALTCOIN MAGAZINE – Altcoin Magazine aims to become the largest cryptocurrency publication in the world, writing about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, decentralization and much, much more.

Altcoin Fantasy Blog – Altcoin Fantasy is a site for testing your skills at cryptocurrency and ICO trading. Enter contests to complete for prizes such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Join for Free!

Reddit | Altcoin – News, opinion and discussion for all types of altcoin: the abbreviation for alternative coin, or alternate coin, or all blockchain projects and related currency that exist in addition to Bitcoin.

CoinSutra | Bitcoin and Altcoin Community – CoinSutra is a community of Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency users from around the globe. Find exclusive Bitcoin resources & guides.

BitDegree Tutorials | Altcoin – BitDegree is the world’s first blockchain based education platform with token scholarships & talent networking. Smart incentives based. The world’s best online courses. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Do I Own a Shitcoin? – All about shitcoins

Zcash – How zk-SNARKs work in ZcashIn order to have zero-knowledge privacy in Zcash, the function determining the validity of a transaction according to…

An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook – Nik Patel is a full-time trader, investor, writer and advisor in the cryptocurrency space. He has been involved in altcoin speculation since 2013.

Altcoin Sidekick BlogAltcoin Sidekick Cryptocurrency Blog, Vlog and Podcast.

Consensus Compare: Tendermint BFT vs. EOS dPoSThis technical deep dive is written by Chjango Unchained. Enjoy.

Tezos position paper— a self-amending crypto-ledger by Arthur and Kathleen Breitman

Resources For Developers

Building a Blockchain: The Grey Paper – To truly understand blockchain, you’ll need to make one yourself. This is a basic guide that breaks it down nicely for a first dip into blockchain.

Getting Started with Hyperledger Composer and Private Blockchains – it’s time to dive in and use some solutions that already exist.

Dapps for Beginners – Welcome to the temporary home of learning materials relating to development on ethereum.

How to issue your own token on Ethereum in less than 20 minutes. – Alright bro, are you telling me that I can issue my own Token, make an ICO, get gazilions of dollars and live the crypto-dream in less than 20 minutes?

Compiling and Smart Contracts: ABI Explained – Most smart contracts are developed in a high-level programming language. The most popular currently is Solidity, with Vyper hoping to take the throne in the near future.

Unit testing Solidity contracts on Ethereum with Go – Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain can be written in the Solidity language. There are several tools and frameworks available for testing these smart contracts.

Blockchain 101 – A Visual Demo – This is a very basic visual introduction to the concepts behind a blockchain. We introduce the idea of an immutable ledger using an interactive web demo.


Learn Blockchain from OneMonth


Blockchain: Beyond the Basics at Lynda.com

Bitcoin: What is it? at Khan Academy


How To Become A Blockchain Developer – Blockgeeks


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Smart Contracts